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25 October 2006 @ 02:18 pm
Assistant Physical Instructor; that's what I am. My title means I'm supposed to helping someone teach these girls but I might as well have assistant dropped off cause I run this class. Walking over to stereo I turn it on. A heavy bass and loud guitar greet my ears and I close my eyes slowly streaching. Faith was the one who told me that she trained while listening to music. I took it up to find that the rhythm was good cause martial arts is like a dance, a deadly dance, but a dance nonetheless. A series of motions and steps we just learn to use them to defeat an oppenent.

Turning around I see the gym beginning to fill up with slayers of all races, religions, and ages. Picking up the remote I turn the music down once everyone is standing before me.

"Alot of you have been complaining about the physical aspect of this class and guess what...I don't give a damn. Most of you believe that since you're slayers you don't need to hone your skills because you already have the speed, agility, and stamina. You might have the gift but that means nothing unless you can use it to your full potential.", I walked across the room watching their faces as they took that in.

"We learn the different martial arts when I think you're ready. How can you expect to truly understand an art when you don't know the basic about the colors? You can't. Today I've decided we need to improve on your mental strength. The body can't work without the mind and the mind means nothing without the body. Mind, body and spirit have to be one girls.", I noticed a few chuckles and grinned myself. I knew how it felt to be in their shoes with someone telling you how to be a slayer.

"You laugh but I'm serious. Once you get those three things in tuned together your body will do things before you can comprehend because it's doing what you want as you think it. So, I want a volunteer to step up."
01 October 2006 @ 08:46 am
As I squeeze my way through the people I wonder what would life would have been like if I hadn't been changed, if I stayed oblivious to all the evils of the world...well other than my little sister. I chuckle thinking about the little brat when a little girl slams into me full speed. I look down into green eyes and I can't help but smile. Willow's eyes, she has Willow's eyes and they look so innocent and apologizing. I want to ruffle her dark brown hair and pick her up to say it was okay but I resist the urge yet her father walks up and does.
"I'm sorry about that miss.", he states offering me a grin."She gets restless on long flights." I can hear the slight accent.
"No worries, I had a little sister.", he nods before walking off and speaking to the girl in some foreign language.
Looking at her I wonder what my kids will look like. Shaking my head I let out a little laugh, not like Willow could get me pregnant. I pause, sure I loved my Wicca but marriage and kids is a BIG jump. We're still settling into the non apocalyptic relationship life. Sometimes at night Willow tosses and turns or mumbles things. Tara's name has been said alot lately, maybe it's cause Will's magic could feel what was going on all the way in L.A. so it sparked up old memories I have no idea. I haven't told her because it would only make her feel guilty, then she'd mope, and I hate seeing my redhead beauty like that. Looking behind me I realize there's a woman there rather peeved that I am blocking the walkway. I mumble a sorry hurrying back to my seat. Sitting next to Willow I touch her hand to bring her out of her thoughts. She looks up at me offering a weak smile. Sometimes I wonder what would life have been like if I hadn't been changed, but if I stayed oblivious to all the evils of the world I wouldn't be able to fight them.
22 January 2005 @ 08:58 pm
The way you're life can change in moments is just plain ironic. I mean one minute I'm walking through my own wing in my mansion and the next I'm on a plane to Sunnydale, California. When I first stepped through the Summers threshold I was a potential but when I rode on that speeding bus out of the town I was a slayer. From what I've heard Buffy has done the whole 'Save the world' bit and this one wasn't too new. There's no rush like the fight and no feeling like I had as we drove away from that crater. Sure I was always a confident, some say snobby, girl but having the knowledge that I was chosen was extraordinary. Besides I walked out of it all with a beautiful woman on my arm.

But the vacation was short lived. Before I knew it I was rounded up and carted back to Cali. Buffy's old boyfriend, Angel, needed some help stopping an apocalypse. I was pretty pumped. I had taken on evil before, I could and would again. When I saw the number of demons my gung ho-ness filtered away. The dragon was taken out first and I looked over my shoulder. There she was, my goddess, taking care of things. I charged into the fight without a second thought, oh it was on.

In the end I walked away from the battle with a hurt arm and a cut on my eyebrow. The blood leaked into my eye and burned but someone helped me back to Angel's old place of business, the hotel. I think it was Faith who ripped a piece of her shirt putting it on my bleeding cut.
"Thanks Faye.", I said.
"Anytime wannabe.", she replied before walking away. I held the piece of fabric to my eyebrow closing my eyes. Soft hands moved mine and took over the task of assisting my wound. I knew who it was; her scent, her touch, the way she breathed, was so familiar to me.
"Goddess slash doctor.", I sighed. I could practically hear her grin and blush. When she was done I opened my eyes and blinked a few times. She looked so worried."It'll be gone by morning.", her eyes focused on my arm."Slight bruising, I'm fine.", she gave me a weak grin."Don't worry baby. We'll take care of this, just like before.", she sat next to me and I put my arm around her as she layed her head on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead hoping I was right.